Saturday, January 20, 2018


Hey everyone!!

Happy New Year!!! 2018!!!! Wishing everyone a wonderful start to this year, it feels so promising and full of potential. I also prefer even this..year feels so good already. We are very excited for the coming months and wanted to share with you what`s going on in our world.

Firstly we won BEST OF HOUZZ 2018, that makes it three years in a row. We are so very grateful for this recognition from Houzz and our wonderful clients. Dhiraj and I joined forces around 3 years ago and there has been no looking back since then. What started out as Dhiraj remodelling our own home to friends & family entrusting us with their homes, and now working on new builds; more design & decor work; and finding our niche in this wonderful industry.
best of houzz 2018 to wilde north interiors
While the pic above shows the completed projects for 2017 we have 4 projects going on right now that we will be shooting in the coming weeks. Two luxury washrooms and two modern bars. Heated floors, curbless shower, custom vanity, custom mirror are just some of the features in the luxury washrooms that we have renamed "Poshroom" because really! It is so posh!
luxury washroom design by wilde north interiors
Project Rainpark - Mississauga
Master Washroom Design & Build

high end washroom design by wilde north interiors
Project Rainpark - Mississauga
Second Washroom Design & Build
The bars are both unique and special with one really showing off our clients heritage and the other showing off our clients impressive collection. All projects will be photographed in the coming weeks so be sure to follow the reveals on our various social media. And if you know me by now Instagram gets the first be there! 

modern bar design and build by wilde north interiors
Project Nova Scotia
Modern Bar Design & Build

contemporary bar design and build by wilde north interiors
Project Jopling
Modern Bar Design & Build
Another thing we are working on is our website - that is my baby, my creation and something I tweak everyday to reflect who we are and the direction we are going in. We've hired Maya, a very talented copy writer to help us update our website and to make the about page & services offerings more succinct. We wanted to streamline our core areas of focus which is more design & decor work and high end luxury washrooms. Washrooms are something Dhiraj is very good at and we want to be able to offer all of the bell and whistles to our clients, budget providing. Hit up Maya Noronha if you are looking for excellent copy writing services. She is a wonderful listener and does magic with words. 
service offerings by wilde north interiors

We have also been working on two new build homes that will get revealed sometime this year. This is huge for us as being involved from the very beginning in the creative process is what we do best. Both homes are very modern with contemporary interiors and clean lines and we can't wait to show you the finished product.
new build
The Interior Design Show is on right now and we will be going on Sunday to see the latest and greatest in the world of design. Follow along on our Instagram stories live or pop back here where we will definitely be doing a blog post on the highlights of the show. This year they are launching some amazing new lighting designs and bath fittings that we are looking forward to seeing.

That's all for now folks, thank you again for supporting us and our lil business. Should you be going into a renovation or remodel please do not hesitate to contact us.  We love what we do and want to keep doing it.........Bringing good design to good people.

Big hugs
Dhiraj & Lynda

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Creating the Perfect Bedroom

My favorite spot in our home is our bedroom. Its where I can sit and read and take a break from being a wife, mom, workaholic and just be myself and unwind. It is painted a pretty duck egg blue with a custom headboard we made together and ample storage options. The french doors open onto our backyard and green belt allowing for a pretty view year round. Creating a beautiful bedroom is something we love to do and here we share tips & ideas on how you can create your own beautiful little corner.
Bedroom designed by Wilde North Interiors
The foundation starts with a great rug that is in proportion to the room's dimensions. Recommended size is wide enough to have at least 2 - 3 feet of rug peeking out from under the bed. Rugs are a great way to bring color, pattern or texture into a room. It can act as the starting point for the design where everything else can stem from it. The perfect rug will bring warmth to the room and will ground the entire space.
creating the perfect bedroom
Getting the right bed for the room is the next important step. If you have a large room with great heights then consider a sleek contemporary four poster box frame like below. It stands out beautifully against white walls. In a small bedroom consider a sleeker option and one with no foot board as that usually breaks the sight line thereby making the room feel smaller. Upholstered beds are great if you do a lot of sitting up and reading in bed. Wrought iron frames are great if you are going for a Bohemian vibe. Wood frames are great for a rustic or industrial vibe. The options are endless. And finally invest in a great mattress. One that supports your body and spine and allows for a sound sleep. The mattress is probably where most of your money should be invested.
how to create the perfect bedroom
An upholstered bench or wide stools at the foot of the bed acts as a great resting spot when someone is visiting you, or for you to sit and put your shoes on or just lay out your outfit in the morning. It means your well made bed stays well made while the said bench is being used. A well made bed sets the tone for the day and is the number one stress reliever as per research.
bedroom options

We love us a clean lined couch by the window, another great solution for reading in the sunlight or just relaxing after a long day. This pin striped one with a single seat cushion is modern and sleek and a great place to stretch your legs out. 
interiors design by wilde north interiors
Take advantage of high ceilings with statement chandeliers that have width and height. Here this bubble chandelier does just that without calling too much attention to itself. It lets the bed take center stage but hangs there in the background like 'soft spoken' bling. Consider having additional lighting in the form of table lamps or floor lamps to add ambiance to the room.
interior decor by wilde north interiors

perfect bed options
Some folks like color and an upholstered headboard is a great way to inject color into your bedroom. This way if you get tired of the color its just a matter of changing up the headboard vs painting an entire room or changing wallpaper. Today you can get completely or partially upholstered headboards like the ones below. 
upholstered headboard

headboard options
You can layer your bedroom space with color, tones, texture, pattern, etc. Here stunning artwork was layered behind the lampshade and adds a great dimension to the room. Rugs, drapes, lighting are all necessary layers to make a bedroom warm and cozy and reduce the impact of the hardness i.e. the walls and floors. 
art for the bedroom
A great bed needs a great side unit. It can be something small like this or something with drawers and more storage. We like side table with clean lines and a sculptural element to it. Here below we like how this over-sized headboard was mounted to the wall, extended out past the bed, and the side unit & sconces were mounted directly to it. Design well thought out. 
lighting for the bedroom
And lastly DECLUTTER
For a space to be calm and relaxing it has to be devoid of unnecessary things that can most often ruin the mood of the room. Create storage options that allow you to hide your clutter so when you step into your bedroom it is an oasis that invites you in.

Most often people invest in doing up their main spaces as that is what is seen by guests and ignore the bedroom. At Wilde North we say do your bedroom up first - it is the one space for "YOU", for your well being.....and your peace of mind.
project dancing waters bedroom
Master Bedroom designed by Wilde North Interiors.
Project Dancing Waters Project where our client wanted a calm luxurious space in creams and aqua.
project tapestry lane bedroom
Master Bedroom designed by Wilde North Interiors
Project Tapestry Lane Project where our client wanted a contemporary timeless space to relax in.

Looking for more inspiration then head to our PINTEREST boards where we have pinned several stunning bedrooms for you to be inspired by. Or follow us on INSTAGRAM for daily updates, reveals and behind the scenes footage from a pair of design geeks who are trying to fix the world one home at a time.


Dhiraj & Lynda

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Wilde North SHOP - Tigerwood Pond Table

We recently had the opportunity to re-purpose a section of a Tigerwood stump into a custom end table for our client. Leading from the success we had with that we've decided to make them available in our Online shop. The Pond table has been designed & created by Dhiraj with an aim of optimizing on the natural features of the tree stump. Our clients were presented with this unique piece of wood by one of their friends and were using it as an object d'art. We were asked to come up with something more practical with the piece whilst retaining it's natural beauty.
tree stump table
The stump had naturally rotted out cores that were cleaned out previously by the lumber yard. The stump however was chainsaw cut and was not level on any of it's sides. The first call to action was to identify the main side. We actually chose the side with the most rot and decided to make a series of ponds, almost in homage to the 30,000+ lakes in Canada. 

live edge table
Once the top was identified, we made a special jig to flatten the surface with the aid of a router. This was a time consuming process, but one that was very important for the next step. Once the top was flattened, we traced out the openings and enlarged the pattern prior to getting custom glass cut to size. We then carved out a rabbet into which the glass would sit making it flush with the wood and lending the appearance of a larger and smaller pond. 
tree bark table

Pond table

glass template

Adjustable legs from Lee Valley allowed us to accommodate the varying heights of the base and a few coats of Wipe on Polyurethane will protect the table from abuse.

table legs

stump core

lacquering table
This was a unique piece and cannot be replicated. We will be on the hunt for other unique stumps to convert into side and coffee tables. Watch this space as we show you behind the scenes on custom furniture we will be creating. We are excited for this natural expansion of our biz and can't wait to see what it leads to.
custom live edge table

custom made table

coffee table

pond table by dhiraj dsouza

Thanks for the support and encouragement you always show us on every project we reveal. Today is Small Biz Saturday and we are extremely grateful to you for supporting our little biz. We love what we do and want to continue doing it.

Check out more of our work on our WEBSITE or our INSTAGRAM where we share our daily escapades.

Big hugs
Dhiraj & Lynda

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Project William Luck Interior Design & Decor for newly constructed home

We absolutely love working with clients that are well traveled and have lots of personality as we get to showcase their story through good design. Project William Luck was one such project. Our clients had impeccable taste and a great eye for design, and together we took their beautiful new home and injected it with lots of character & style.

They had chosen some great finishes for their newly constructed home with grey hardwood, black kitchen cabinets, huge windows and a clean layout. Since moving in they found their old furniture was not in proportion to the larger rooms and wanted a completely new design. That's where we came in. Extensive research to find out their preferences led to a spot on design presentation. Even the client said, "We asked for a modern and warm theme. Lynda took the time to truly understand our style and what we liked and then came up with design options for each room. We did not need to make revisions as she got it right the first time. Not only was Lynda & Dhiraj great to work with professionally but they are just good people and was a pleasure to deal with them both and have them in our house". awwwww isn't she just the sweetest. We love our clients!!

The front door opens into the dining room and we wanted it to make quite the impact. Our clients pre-existing gorgeous live edge dining table was paired with modern host chairs in white linen and black sculptural side chairs. A stunning credenza and lighting brought the glam to the space. Since our clients love to travel we added a vintage map of London, UK on one wall as over sized art.
TIP: With art people its either go big or go home!
glam dining room

live edge dining table

bubble chandelier

map mural of london

glam credenza and brass table lamps
Their collection of travel photos was showcased here with a deep grey focal wall, custom frames and a modern spot light. Switch plates were changed to black to match the wall and look seamless.
TIP: Turning a hallway wall into a gallery wall makes so much sense as it gives people a chance to mill around the house and is a great conversation starter.
gallery wall

art display

matrix of art
The clients pre existing breakfast room dining set needed layers which were added through the warm red rug, linen drapes and stunning black & gold pendant. Since it was just off the black and white kitchen that shot of red was the perfect choice to bring some color into the space.
breakfast room design

breakfast room interiors design and decor

modern design

The builders grade kitchen was already a good looking space with black cabinets, white counter tops and grey tiled floors. We added to it with dramatic black and white encaustic tiles, a new range hood and lights in the corner cabinet. Those tiles tho! bringing the right amount of pattern to the space. At this point we knew we had a winner - our client was making all the right choices. We love when this happens! 
cement tiles backsplash

encaustic tile in kitchen

black white backsplash tiles

wilde north interior design
The living room is a classy combination of brown, black and cream with lots of eclectic items like moose horns, bison art and books.............lots of books. I love decorating with books and use every opportunity I get to add piles of books. A stunning black and gold ottoman sits at the center of the room flanked by a soft leather brown couch and modern armchairs in cream & gold. Stunning light fixtures in each room act as the icing on the cake, and we added a modern floor lamp here.
TIP: Different lighting options bring ambiance to a room from ceiling lights to table and floor lamps, letting you create a moody vibe in your space.
bohemian living room

boho chic living room

modern living room design
Pond table by dhiraj dsouza

console table

nautical art
This client was truly like my design sister, we had the same taste in artwork, furniture, accessories and she was so trusting and open to new ideas. The perfect client in a nutshell. I know I sound like a broken record but we really are very lucky to work with the most amazing people who are fun and allow us creative freedom. If you loved this project then head over to our website to see more pics HERE.

We are always excited to share ongoing projects with you......decor for a custom  home in North York, two bars in Etobicoke & Brampton, four washrooms & a basement in Mississauga and another decor gig in Brampton. Follow along on our INSTAGRAM for sneak peeks and behind the scene updates where we share our tips and sources.

Stay tuned for the next big reveal folks which will most likely be one of Dhiraj's modern bars. Its going to be a big one!!! like literally.............25 ft long!


Big hugs
Dhiraj & Lynda
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